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Nottawasaga Daylilies
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These plants are on display in the garden. Some are being tested for hardiness, some are being held for increase. There are others that I will be discontinuing as they are not as hardy in our climate (Zone 4B) as I would like and therefore do not multiply well here but always survive. We will be dividing many of them in the spring so depending on the size of the plants, some may be available. Inquire if you are interested in a particular plant.

Abiding Love*
Absolute Zero
Ada Hill*
Age of Aquarius*
Ain't Misbehavin*
All About Pink*
Almost Indecent*
Altered State*
American Freedom*
America's Most Wanted*
Angelic Grin
Angelic Messenger*
Antique Fringe*
Apollo's Fire*
Aqua Velva Man*
Artic Snow*
Asheville City Lights*
Awesome Luck*
Baltimore Oriole*
Banned In Boston
Bass Gibson*
Belle Isle Bandit*
Best Kept Secret*
Bicentenial Queen
Bicolor Playmate*
Blackberry Candy*
Blazing Double Sunset*
Blossom Queen
Blue Hippo*
Blueberry Hill
Bob Loves Barbara
Bogie and Becall
Bonibrae Demon Seed*
Bonibrae Doubly Devilish*
Bonibrae Gift of Life*
Bonibrae Lemon Picasso*
Bonibrae Santa Bomb*
Boogie My Woogie Baby
Boston Marathon
Braided Lightning*
Broadway Ruby Slippers*
Broken Silence*
Buzz Saw*
Camden Gold Dollar
Canadian Goose*
Capacity for Wonder*
Carpenter Shavings
Caught Red Handed*
Chance Encounter*
Chesapeake Crab Legs
Chew Mailpouch Tobbaco*
Chicago Raspberry *
Chicago Ruby*
Child of Bethleham*
Cinnamon Dust*
Cinnamon Lace*
Clearly Simplistic*
Cotton Candy Cupcake
Cottonwood Mansion*
Coyote Moon*
Crazy Pierre
Creation Rejoices*
Dempsey Red Velvet
Designer Jeans*
Distant Thunder
Dizzy Dots*
Double Infinity*
Double Old Ivory
Doug's Red Mercedes*
Doyle Pierce*
Dream Sequence
Dressed in White*
Driving Me Wild*
Druid's Chant *
Elizabeth Frances Woodhall*
Emerald Starburst
Enchanted Empress*
Energized Simplicity*
Erogenous Zone*
Explosion in the Paint Factory*



Eye of The Beholder*
Feel My Heartbeat*
Final Touch
Fire Escape*
Fire Pegasus*
Flying Trapeze*
Foolish Fancy
Fuchsia Fashion*
Fulva Europa
G. Willikers*
Go Seminoles
Golden Scroll
Gryphon Warsaw Rising*
Hakuna Matata
Hampton Magic*
Hawiian Empress*
Heat Seeker*
Heavenly Fission*
Heavenly Pink Twister
Ida Mae Norris*
Indy Rhapsody
Inside Looking Out
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Ivelyn Brown
Ivory Moonbeams*
Jan's Twister
Jean Ivelle
Jen Melon
Jersey Spider
Joan Senior
Justin Paul
Kindly Light
King George*
Kissed Off*
Knoll Cottage Jackie Lee*
Lacy Amethyst*
Lady Neva
Layers of Gold*
Leprechaun's Lace
Lime Frost *
Lindy White
Little Suzie
Long Stocking*
Longless Showoff*
Lusty Leland*
Magnificent Rainbow*
Making Whoopee
Mango Chutney*
Margaret Rainbird*
Martha Chamberlain*
Mary Ruffin*
Mary Todd*
Mason's Mark*
Mexican Siesta*
Miles Davis*
Ming Porcelain*
Minnesota Morning*
Missouri Moon
Misty Moonlight*
Monica Marie
Moon Snow*
Moon Witch*
Mother Superior*
Mr Crabs
Mrs London's Apricot Tarts*
My Friend Charlie*
My Side of The Mountain
My Ways
Mystical Rainbow*
Navajo Princess
Nordic Night*
Nottawasaga Maiden
Octopus Hugs*
Ocean Rain*
Oh What a Beautiful Morning*
Omega Red*
One Two Kangaroo*
Only For Ever*
Paiges Pinata
Pardon Me



Paris Overature*
Pattern Evolution
Prairie Blossom
Prescott Park*
Prime Minister*
Purple Peace*
Rainbow Fantasy*
Rainbow Towers*
Rainbow Warrior
Ranger Bob*
Red Hot Miracle*
Remembering Flanders Fields*
Riveting Rosie
Rock Lobster*
Rose F. Kennedy
Roses In Snow*
Roses With Peaches*
Royal Invitation*
Ruffled Carousel
Russian Easter*
Salem Witch*
Sandra Elizabeth*
Savannah Showoff*
Scarlet Orbit*
Schnickel Fritz
Sculptured Wax*
Seventy-six Trombones*
Sexy Thing
Sheik of Araby
Siloam Olin Fraser
Snowflake Empress*
Song of The Empire*
Star of The Morning*
Starmans Quest
Stella's Ruffled Fingers
Storm Watch*
Strawberry Candy*
Strutters Ball*
Studs Terkel*
Study in Scarlet*
Sugarplum Taffy*
Summer Re-Run*
Superficial Sighs*
Superstitious Eyes*
Sweet Cerise*
Sweet Seneca Julie Anne
Swiss Mint
Symmetry in Yellow*
Tall and Proud
Tall Dark Stranger*
Tet Siloam Double Classic*
Tetrina's Daughter*
The Wonder of Color*
Thistle Pink Truffle*
Thunder and Lightning*
Thunder Patch*
Tiger on Stilts*
Total Commitment*
Tower of Babel*
Tropical Heat Wave*
Tuscawilla Blackout*
Tuscawilla Tranquility
Twirling Wings*
Unfolding Paradox*
Uppermost Edge*
Variegated Kwanso
Victoria Park*
Vino Di Travis*
Water Bird*
Whistler's Sister*
White Crinoline*
White Pansy*
Wild Horses*
Wild Turkey *
Wonder of It All*
Works For Me*
Wretches Gone Awry *
You Angel You
Zada Mae
Zona Rosa