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Nottawasaga Daylilies
Plants on Display


These plants are on display in the garden. Some are being tested for hardiness, some are being held for increase. We will be dividing many of them in the spring so depending on the size of the plants, some may be available. Inquire if you are interested in a particular plant.

Abiding Love*
All About Pink*
Almost Indecent
Altered State*
American Freedom*
Amethyst Art
Angelic Messenger*
Aphroditie's Nighty*
Asheville City Lights*
Ashwood Dark Side*
Asian Fairy Bluebird*
B. J. MacMillen*
Baby Blanket*
Baby Blue Eyes
Barbara Mitchell
Bass Gibson*
Becky Lynn
Bernice Loris
Bertie Ferris
Best Kept Secret*
Bicentennial Queen
Bicolor Playmate*
Bill Robinson
Blackberry Candy*
Blossom Queen
Blue Hippo*
Blue Venom
Blueberry Breakfast
Blueberry Hill
Bob Loves Barbara
Bonibrae Demon Seed*
Bonibrae Doubly Devilish*
Bonibrae Gift of Life*
Bonibrae Lemon Picasso*
Bonibrae Maggie's Heart
Bonibrae Santa Bomb*
Bonibrae Velvet Shamrock*
Bonnie Breenie*
Border Sentry*
Boston Marathon
Boston Symphony
Bountiful Candy*
Braided Lightning*
Bridal Suite*
Bridgeton Heartthrod*
Buttercup Days*
Camden Gold Dollar
Caroline Sandra Marie
Chance Encounter*
Chaotic Symmetry*
Chew Mailpouch Tobbaco
Chicago Raspberry *
Child of Bethleham*
Cinnamon Dust*
Clairvoyant Lady
Clearly Simplistic*
College Colors*
Cotton Candy Cupcake
Cottonwood Mansion*
Dark Temptation*
Delta Force
Dempsey Red Velvet
Designer Jeans*
Distant Thunder
Dizzy Dots
Double Infinity*
Double Old Ivory
Double Pompon
Down East Explosion*
Doyle Pierce*
Dragons Eye
Dream Sequence*
Dressed In Pink*
Dressed in White*
Driving Me Wild*
Drums Along The Mohawk*
Dublin Elaine
Early and Often
Egyptian Queen*
Elizabeth Frances Woodhall*
Emerald Starburst



Exotic Candy*
Eye of The Beholder*
Fashion Bug
Fashion Sense
Feel My Heartbgeat*
Fire Pegasus*
Foolish Fancy
Forever Blowing Bubbles*
Fuchsia Fashion*
Future Whispers*
G. Willikers
Go Seminoles
Golden Scroll
Gothic Troll*
Grammar School Bully*
Green Throated Robin
Hakuna Matata
Handwriting on The Wall
Happy Destiny*
Heat Seeker
Heavenly Angel Ice
Heavenly Fission*
Heavenly Pink Twister
Heavenly Purple Rain
Highland Fuchsia
Highland Lord*
Horsing Around*
Hotta Pinkie*
Hurricane Bob
Ice Carnival
Ida Mae Norris*
In Schubert's Day*
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Ivelyn Brown
Jean Ivelle
Jean Swann
Jen Melon
Jeweled Tiara
Jocelyn's Oddity
Jolly Good Fellow*
Just A Bit
Just Jessie
Kissed Off*
Knoll Cottage Jackie Lee*
Lavy Amethyst*
Lake Norman Spider
Lavender Arrowhead*
Lavender Blue Baby
Leah Abbott*
Lee Reinke
Leprechaun's Lace
Light of The World*
Lilac Dream
Lilting Belle
Lindy White
Little Strawberry Parfait
Long Stocking*
Longlesson Orchid Thief*
Lorita Wadsworth
Lou Rainie
Luck Will Have It*
Mad River*
Madam Besemar*
Magnificent Rainbow*
Mandalay Bay Music*
Mango Chutney*
Margaret Rainbird*
Maria Theresa
Marque Moon*
Martha Chamberlain*
Mary Todd
Mason's Mark*
Merchant Marine*
Mexican Siesta*
Ming Porcelain*
Minnesota Morning*
Missouri Beauty
Misty Moonlight*
Mokan Butterfly*
Monica Marie
Moon Ladder
Moon Witch*
Moses in The Bulrushes*
Mother Superior*
Mountain Majesty
Mr Crabs



Mrs London's Apricot Tarts*
My Friend Charlie*
My Side of The Mountain
My Ways
Navajo Princess
Nordic Night*
North Wind Dancer
Nottawasaga Maiden
Octopus Hugs*
Omega Red*
Orchid Corsage
Pardon Me
Paris Overature
Pattern Evolution
Peggy Bass
Persistant Lady
Postcard From A Dream*
Prescott Park*
Prime Minister*
Princess Most Lovely*
Purple Peace*
Rainbow Eyes*
Rainbow Fantasy*
Ranger Bob*
Red Nova
Red Ribbons
Red Suspenders*
Remembering Flanders Fields
Return to Elegance*
Rose F. Kennedy
Rosy Lights
Royal Invitation*
San Ignacio*
See me-Feel Me-Touch Me*
Seventy-six Trombones*
Smugglers Gold*
Snow Crane*
Snowflake Empress*
Spring Chorus
Star of The Morning*
Startling Creation*
Stella De Oro
Storm Watch*
Strawberry Candy
Studs Terkel
Sun Panda*
Sunday Gloves
Sunshine City*
Superficial Sighs
Superstitious Eyes
Swallow Tail Kite*
Sweet Cerise*
Sweet Seneca Julie Anne
Symmetry in Yellow*
Tall Dark Stranger
Tao of Physics*
Tennessee Sunset*
Tetrina's Daughter
Thunder Patch*
Tiger on Stilts*
Topguns Lola Scott
Total Commitment
Tropical Heat Wave*
Tropical Jewel
Tuscawilla Blackout*
Tuscawilla Tranquility
Twirling Wings*
Unfolding Paradox*
Variegated Kwanso
Victoria Park
Vino Di Travis*
Wandering Wings*
Warrior's Brother*
Water Bird*
Watermelon Moon*
Wedding Band*
White Hot*
White Pansy*
Works For Me*
Zona Rosa